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Family and Children Info

Relationship Portraits

Radiant portraits of your child in mom and/or dads arms on a simple white background create cherished relationship portraits. Our unique lighting techniques capture the special illuminating effect exclusive to Mayberry Studios. Simple white clothing is preferred.

Hands & Feet

We capture the tiny parts of your baby. This is a perfect way for you to remember just how little they really are. You will never have a session like our Hands & Feet session. Those little toes, fingers, and chubby little legs. We focus on the little things. Add Mom or Dads hands or feet in the portraits to truly see the size difference.

Children Theme Sessions

A session that brings your ideas to life ! Your imagination, your ideas, your passion wrapped into one very special portrait. You can do anything with this session, whether it is simple or elaborate, it is all up to you.

Call us at 907-952-0369 and we will send you out a full Familiy Portrait information kit.