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Where do I begin with how pleased I was with the work the Mayberrys did with my session. Fantastic! That seems like a good place to start. The studio was beautiful with dozens of options for my back drop. I was impressed by the creative energy that Chance and Roxie displayed while brainstorming different variations on the ideas we had discussed prior to the session. Im not quite sure if I knew, exactly what I wanted when I was discussing the photos that I needed- but when I saw my pictures I knew that I had found it.I couldn't be happier with the professionalism and expertise that I experienced. Thank you Mayberrys! Eden Mara Lunsford A

Dear Chance and Roxie, To say that we are thrill with the wedding pictures of Ben and Mindi is an understatement. They are absolutely breathtaking. The book surpassed anything that we had hoped for. We have the complete wedding in pictures (2500) pictures). From the time Ben and Mindi arrived until they left that night, the two of you took pictures. You captured all of those unexpected, wonderful moments for us to always remember. You caught emotions of a bride and groom that come to life as you look at them, friends at play that we will laugh and enjoy revisiting, tender family moments that still make us cry, and pictures of Grandma and Grandpa that we will treasure forever. We can truly follow the complete wedding day in pictures. Your pictures are artistic and unique. They capture emotion not just people. I have always said that there is a difference between a photographer and an artist. You my friends are true ARTISTS EXTRAORDINAIRE!!! Thanks for taking the time, money and dedication, to become artists that take the chance at doing the unique and different. We will see you in the future for more memories!Love and Great Thanks,Reed and Julie Hansen

Mayberry Studios didn't just take photos of our family and hot rods. They captured a moment in time for our family history to be passed on to our grandchildren and other family memebers. The photos they took of our family with our favorite pastime will be treasured - they not only took the most amazing photos we have ever had, but they also captured the joy in our hearts and love in our eyes! Thank you Mayberry Studios for the life moment we will always hold dear.??William and Heather Nerup

"When my mother saw my senior pictures that Mayberry perfectly captured… She smiled and her eyes became teary, and hugged me as she said, “That’s my beautiful baby girl…” And although she has been with me almost everyday of my life, when she held those tangible memories in her hand, I knew she would always cherish those remarkable photographs." ? Carissa Jellison

To Whom it May Concern:I am writing this letter of recommendation for Mayberry Studios based on several experiences, all ofwhich have been fantastic. First, Ashley Valley Medical Center recently renovated its radiology and obstetrical areas. The hospital did not have a large amount budgeted for artwork, but recognized the importance that artwork makes in creating a warm, comforting, and healthy environment. Mayberry Studios was instrumental in providing guidance to keep costs down, creating images of excellent quality and perfect atmosphere, and going the extra mile to make sure that the hospital's needs were met. Employees and patients alike have commented on how much they enjoy the artwork. Second, Ashley Valley Medical Center has an account with Mayberry Studios to photograph new physicians and some staff members who move into the area. These pictures are used for advertising and to help the community get to know the healthcare providers. Mayberry Studio is always timely in providing a photo shoot and we have seen a noticeable improvement in the quality of the image. Mayberry Studios is very good at getting more than just a picture, but really capturing the feel of these providers and helping them put their best foot forward. Third, as Ashley Valley Medical Center has expanded, Mayberry Studios has been used to photograph several of the pictures that we have used for flyers, billboards, and other print media. They utilize technology, which allows for wide-angle shots and adjusting for the perfect color and tone. In my experience both in Vernal and the Wasatch Front, Mayberry Studio is the best in taking a concept and then producing the image to match that concept. They combine creativity, technology, and experience in a manner that results in a fantastic end product. Finally, both my children and I have been involved in the junior league, sporting program in Vernal. Mayberry Studios has done several of the individual and team pictures and I have been very impressed with the quality of the pictures. Again, they have creative and fun formats for the pictures that the children enjoy, and they capture a great image. I think there is a marked improvement from when these pictures were taken by other companies. I strongly recommend Mayberry Studios for your photography needs. They have consistently performed at a high level in a variety of settings.Sincerely,Si HuttChief Executive OfficerAshley Valley Medical Center

I had such a great time shooting with Chance! He's an awesome guy and makes it easy to smile! He let me pick backgrounds, poses, outfits - the whole experience made the end result more genuinely me. Picking out my pictures with Roxie was so fun and simple - everything was quick and effortless! I still look at my pictures and love all the colors, angles, and creativity involved! Working with Chance and Roxie was a delight! You won't find another photographer here in town that's as fun, efficient, artistic, or original. Virginia Rosser

Thank you so much for our family portraits, you guys to a wonderful job and there's no one else I would rather have do them. Dusty Kari Morris

Family and Children SessionsWhether you are a new customer or a long-time client, the design appointment is of utmost importance to create a unique image. Our photography is artistically conceived and planned in advance to insure that your finished portrait is a true reflection of the subject?s personality and character. Along with the usual discussion of clothing, make-up and style, we will discuss the personality traits of those being photographed as well as their relationship with one another.The following guidelines and suggestions will help give a clearer vision as to the direction of the portrait session, whether you choose to do a Relationship, Lifestyle or Studies portrait:Timeless clothing which is simple and classic will help your portrait stand the test of time. Your child or family is the focal point of our work, therefore it is of utmost importance that clothing choices compliment and not distract from the overall balance and focus of your image. If you are doing a Color Study, keep your choices subtle and solid with everyone in the portrait wearing the same shade and "color family". Work for balance, harmony and color coordination. We recommend that adults wear long or three-quarter length sleeves. Youthful subjects can wear strapless or sun dresses, but these are best avoided in group portraits. Select clothing that will be flattering when seated, such as a long flared skirt instead of a mini-skirt.For a black and white Relationship Portrait, if you want to wear nail polish, French manicures are best. If you are not using the studio wardrobe; bring simple, long-sleeved, black or navy turtlenecks or shirts as well as black or navy pants or a skirt.Due to glare and distortion, glasses should be removed during your session. Or, if you prefer to wear them, you may want to have the lenses removed.As you will appear to be wearing slightly less make-up in the photograph than you actually are, please wear your usual make-up plus a slight extra touch of blush, very well blended. Extra mascara is also recommended. Bring all of your make-up with you for repairs as needed. Remember to keep jewelry simple and avoid wearing a watch to the session. Styling your hair at home is the most convenient, but feel free to bring what?s needed for touch-ups.We know that great images take time and concentration. Our advice is to pick a style or a mood and focus on it. Too many clothing & background changes leave little time to focus on what truly matters.Parents of a newborn, who want their baby photographed without a diaper, will want to be prepared for accidents and bring extra slacks or a skirt.The "window of opportunity" with children is short. All children have different and unique personalities. We suggest dividing the children into their own portrait in order to capture each child's personality. At certain stages, incorporating a parent into the sitting helps stabilize the child and allows each child to be most relaxed and looking his or her best. When doing individual portraits during a group session, we suggest an adult come along and watch the children outside of the studio in order to help capture great images of those being photographed at that time. Group portraits of young children without parents in it for stabilization are not recommended.Todlers and small children photograph best when they are the most comfortable. This is why we suggest an on location session with your child at home or outside playing in the park. However, you know your child best. If you feel thta they won't be frightened by studio lights and strange places, then by all means, please bring them to our studio for fun and unique portraits.Please resist the urge to tell your child to smile or insist they be on their best behavior as this often backfires. Simply say "we are having our portrait taken and it will be fun." We have photographed hundreds of children and assure you this is the best way. Remember, pre-planning is the best way to put your mind at ease that all will go well on the day of your sitting!

Creating Your Perfect Senior Portrait!Clothing: Keep things simple! Solid colors are best. Stay away from large and bold patterns, as they will draw attention away from the face. Make sure to have one all dark outfit (best for Black and White portraits), a dressy outfit (something classy that will stand the test of time), and a casual outfit (something fun you wear everyday). Be sure to coordinate your entire outfit, including shoes, as we might want to include them in a full-length shot. Long and three-quarter length sleeves are recommended since they draw more attention to the face rather than the arms.Makeup: As you will appear to be wearing slightly less make-up in the photograph than you actually are, please wear your usual make-up plus a slight extra touch of blush, very well blended. Extra mascara is also recommended. Bring all of your make-up with you for repairs as needed.Facial Hair: Make sure all unwanted brow and facial hair is removed before your session.Nails: Nails will be in the portrait, so have your nails done. French manicures work best and will stand the test of time.Hair: Avoid trying new hairstyles prior to your portraits.Tanning: Stay away from the rays before your session. Being overly tanned will add weight to the face and make your skin appear uneven and blotchy. It is also best to avoid tan lines and uneven spray and self-tanners.Props and Accent Items: Accent items are great and will add a touch of your personality to your portraits. Please feel free to bring hats, scarves, and jewelry that we can add to your outfits. If you are involved in any activities that you would like to include in your portraits such as sports, please bring those as well.